Bangkok Ice Cream is New Zealand’s first Rolled Ice Creamery.

The story began in 2016 when we were inspired by Thai street vendors and amazed by their concept. Rolled Ice Cream is made from scratch using the finest local ingredients.

Our Ice Cream is stabilizer-free, egg-free & has dairy-free options.

We use home made ice cream bases , we put them on below 30’C cold plate mixed with real fruits & nuts. This means we’re able to produce smaller ice molecules to make the freshest & the creamiest Rolled Ice Cream in less than 3 minutes.

We have more than 31 flavours. You can also customize your Ice Cream by mixing flavours together along with the toppings & sauces of your choice.

Finally the ice cream served in home made bubble waffle or waffle basket or dipped chocolate cone to your prefrence .

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Bangkok Rolled Ice Cream

At Bangkok Rolled Icecream we bring you Asia’s popular “fried” ice cream dish to New Zealand. Watch our skilled professionals as they create the delicious dessert right in front of your eyes! First, we pour the base flavour liquid on the cooled metal surface. The liquid freezes into a creamy mass and gets chopped up by our staff. Next, we add a flavour of your choosing and spread it across the cold surface. To finish off – in a swift move we scrape the ice, creating rolls that we pick up and place into a cup with toppings of your choice. Voila! Experience natural, handmade rolled ice cream made for you! Choose from over 31 flavours and a wide variety of toppings. Enjoy the ice cream in a bubble waffle or cone made in house for you.


Originally from Hong Kong, the tasty egg waffle dish quickly spread around the world. We put our fresh batter on a hot iron and steam it for a few minutes to give it a fresh and crispy taste. We serve it with rolled ice cream and a topping of your choice. Curious? Experience the tasty and healthy alternative to traditional waffle today.



The origins of the legendary Bubble Tea mix trace back to Taiwan.
The milk tea is mixed with fresh fruit and tapioca pearl coconut jelly or tropical jelly of your choice. We serve the delicious drink hot or cold, according to your preference.



What is an Ice Cream Burger you may ask? A match made in heaven would be the short answer. The Ice Cream Burger was first witnessed in the United States before the recipe made it’s way to overseas shores. The ice cream burger is made from sweet custard buns, red bean buns of black bean buns. The heel is kissed by a spread of Nutella and Rolled Ice Cream and combined with a cheese of your choice. The hot bun is then placed in our special machine, where it is sealed with the frozen ice cream inside – ready to be savoured by you.


We abide the original crepe recipe that made French dish world famous, adding a wide selection of toppings custom to your tastes. Choose from Nutella, Butter, Oreo, Kinder chocolate, KitKat & more – 10 tasty flavours.  
Served with ice cream of your choice, of course.

We are committed to delivering our customers the best food made from the freshest ingredients.


A thick shake is a milk shake that has quite a different texture than that of the traditional milk shake. At Bangkok Rolled Ice Cream, our method of preparation is absolutely unique. We have created a thick shake base that you won’t find it anywhere else around the World. It is made from scratch with natural and pure ingredients. Our Shakes stand out with their real fresh fruit and milk – an essential must-have for an authentic thick shake experience.


Share the tasty pleasures of the Asian ice cream cuisine with your friends, family and colleagues. We can cater at your wedding, family celebration and even corporate event. You name it – we do it!


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