Ice Cream Burger in Auckland

Have You Tried an Ice Cream Burger?


You haven’t had an ice cream until you’ve had an ice cream burger.

In fact, you haven’t had a burger until you’ve had an ice cream burger.

If you had an ice cream burger, you’ll know what we’re talking about. You’re probably also wishing you were eating an ice cream burger right now!

If you haven’t tried an ice cream burger and you’re searching for “ice cream burger near me” on the internet, you’ve found your answer. At Bangkok Ice Cream, we make the best ice cream burger selection in Auckland.

What are you waiting for? Call into Bangkok Ice Cream to get an ice cream burger today.


What is an Ice Cream Burger?


You’ve heard of an ice cream sandwich, right? An ice cream burger is nothing like it. So, what is it?At Bangkok Ice Cream, we use our own delicious ice cream in our ice cream burgers. We make our ice cream in-house to ensure we get the perfect taste.

We use inspiration from the famous ice cream street vendors of Thailand to create our ice creams. Then, we use local ingredients and our own recipe to make the best ice cream in Auckland.

As for the bun in an ice cream burger, it is a deliciously sweet brioche bun. This bun not only complements the taste of the ice cream – it enhances the taste.

So, that’s an ice cream burger – Bangkok Ice Cream-made ice cream served in a tasty brioche bun. It sounds great, doesn’t it? There’s more, though.




Choose Your Flavour, Topping, and Sauce


As with a traditional burger, an ice cream burger isn’t complete unless you add all the trimmings.

You start by choosing a flavour of ice cream. We have all your traditional favourites as well as more unusual flavours you might still be familiar with. You will also find unique ice cream flavours in our range that taste delicious.

Once you’ve chosen the flavour of ice cream for your ice cream burger, you can then choose the sauce and topping. Chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce, toffee sauce, caramel sauce, or any other sauce of your choosing. You can also add nuts, chocolate chips, hundreds and thousands, and more.

There’s so much to choose from, but we also have set burgers if you can’t decide. Just pick from one of our great options and we’ll do the rest.

You can enjoy your ice cream burger in our Auckland ice cream parlour, or you can takeaway. Call in to view the selection today.


A Passion for Ice Cream


We created our ice cream burger range out of our passion for creating beautiful ice cream and ice cream desserts. At Bangkok Ice Cream, you will find a fantastic selection as well as a friendly and fun team who love ice cream as much as you do.

We know you’ll love our ice cream burgers as we make every single one as good as it can be.

Why not give one a try? Visit Bangkok Ice Cream today.




Bangkok Ice Cream is New Zealand’s first Rolled Ice Creamery.

The story began in 2016 when we were inspired by Thai street vendors and amazed by their concept. Rolled Ice Cream is made from scratch using the finest local ingredients.

Our Ice Cream is stabilizer-free, egg-free & has dairy-free options.

Homemade Bubble Tea NZ

We use home made ice cream bases , we put them on below 30’C cold plate mixed with real fruits & nuts. This means we’re able to produce smaller ice molecules to make the freshest & the creamiest Rolled Ice Cream in less than 3 minutes.

We have more than 31 flavours. You can also customize your Ice Cream by mixing flavours together along with the toppings & sauces of your choice.

Finally the ice cream served in home made bubble waffle or waffle basket or dipped chocolate cone to your prefrence .


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